Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Our new Art Creatures!!

I just had to share these with you...they are our new art creatures that live in our classroom this year. I made them this summer out of burned out light bulbs, discarded jewelry pieces, bottle caps, and beads. I don't think I would do this project with my little ones....but maybe an auction workshop this year at Casino Night for middle schoolers? Oh how I miss them!!...we shall see....hope you like them!!
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5th Grade - Wire Name Designs

These are some of our wire name designs! My little artists are absolutely awesome!!
Mrs. Williams -
Mrs. Hamilton -
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Monday, September 20, 2010

Working on our Parish Festival Art Contest entries......

.....and using our dog bowls!! If my art friends come home talking about dog bowls in art, this is what they are talking about. They work really great for littles hands. I love more spills!!...and I promise, I bought them new! Fiddo didn't use them before we did! :)
Have an awesome week!...and Go make something!!
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The Red String...

Here is a link to Mrs. Jordy's -
Mrs. Kaden's -
In the book, the red string started in a drawer as a yarn ball. However, in our project, our red line started with the Sacred Heart of Jesus and they were to draw a picture of all the places the red string was spreading His love....

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Friday, September 17, 2010

May God Bless these precious little hands......

Fifth grade is working on this project - wire name designs. They really did an amazing job on these and as soon as I can I will take pictures and posts the are going to love them. What I love though are these pictures. As I looked through them I noticed the beauty of them...May God always bless these precious little hands!
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Lines, lines, lines....

We've been talking about the elements of art - focusing on lines!! Also, we used our watercolors for this project. Did I tell you how much I loved these watercolors?! The best part?....just add water after you're done and if they get too watered down - cut up another marker...I love them!! Happiness....
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My website -

Just wanted to share the link to my website - I've had it for a while but should be updating it a lot more in coming months. Hope you enjoy it!

Liquid watercolors

I love these.....

but I love these even more!!!!
What are they? you ask - well, being the art nerd that I am. I made these out of old dried up markers. I love recycling, using odd type materials for projects, etc. So one day while I was experimenting with a box full of discarded markers, I took them apart, cut them up, put them in jars and added a bit of water....and the result - concentrated watercolors. I love them!!! 
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