Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yes! we are done!!...

...we may have taken a while on this project but it was oh sooo worth it!!! Love these!!...Ill post individual pictures soon!!
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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pure Happiness in the art room!!...

shhhh!'s a sneak peek at our "almost done" Dr. Suess sculptures.....can't wait to post them all -
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Working on our Faux Crystal Creations...

I love this project and so do the kiddos!! - they got really creative this year. Will post the rest as soon as they are done!
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Monday, May 9, 2011

We have a new friend in our classroom!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day!! - this was one of my gifts from my kiddos for my classroom :)

                                                                Enjoy the beautiful day!!

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Chasing Degas by Eva Montanari...

My little ones, kinder and 1st, are learning this week about the artist, Edgar Degas and his ballerinas. Yes, I've gotten a few groans from my boys but I've promised them a lesson on airplanes or robots before we leave for the summer....we're still trying to come to some agreement . :)
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"Painting" with tissue paper....well, kinda..

Fourth grade has been busy working on these....they were to make the tissue paper look like paint. I guess you can call it a faux stained glass. Using acetate, permanent markers, glue, and tissue paper they made these awesome birds!
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We love Frida Kahlo!!

The Book, Me, Frida, is a beautiful book about Frida Kahlo. The illustrations are phenomenal!!....Well, almost as good as my little artist's illustrations!! :)
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Cinco de Mayo....

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Dont you just love can find beauty anywhere....!!

.....I mean absolutely anywhere!!! -

Hope you are having a blessed day!!

Changed my quote up there from Pope John Paul II to Blessed John Paul II!!!! Praise God!!! :)

Sending lots of Love to you all!!
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