Thursday, August 30, 2012

NCEA teacher workshop at St. Martha

Thanks to all of you who came out to the teacher workshop today at St. Martha. It was great to meet you all! Please feel free to email me at if you have any questions. I will be more than happy to help in any way that I can.

The recipe that I shared with you today for the paper mache clay can be found here at this website: The project can be done without this paper mache clay. However, if you decide to use the traditional paper mache method you will need to do at least 4/5 layers of paper mache. I also recommend that you have at least one week of drying time in between layers in order to prevent any molding issues. Also, if you follow the link on the post below you will find the pictures of the boot with basic instructions.

I am so proud to be involved in this part of the NCEA convention with you all. May God bless our efforts so that in turn He may be glorified through our Catholic Schools. Thanks again!

Happy Creating!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ok, now I'm really done!....

I found more pictures on my there you go:) We've had an awesome year in art this past year!! What a blessing to work at SMCS!!

I will leave you with a picture of someone St. Martha will miss tremendously....We love you Father TJ.... St. Mary Magdalene in Humble is very blessed to have you :)

God's little flowers.....

I think I've posted this before but I just loved this one!! Here's a few more pics...

2nd grade - Seahorses

1st grade Picasso faces..

Found this really cute project on the web....the kiddos loved it!! Its a keeper :)

"Art Changes Lives" Teen Art Show at Winter Street Studios

We participated in "Art Changes Lives" - a teenage art show at Winter Street Studios. I had several middle school students as well as some former students of SMCS participate! We sold one piece - yea!! Great show!!!

Love Crusader Clans!!

We chose St. Maria Goretti for our clan's saint. One of our clan members brought in this relic of St. Maria sat in my classroom until the end of the day!!!! what a blessing!!! :)

..a little too much for our kindergartener so she crawled under the table and wouldn't come out....Love our middle schoolers!!....he brought her some paper and crayons so she could draw from there...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I'm done for now.....

So sorry I've overloaded you all with blog posts but I was a little behind in posting....hope you enjoyed them all. Wishing you a fabulous summer break...enjoy!! 

Live, Laugh, Love, Create but first.....PRAY!!
Love to you all -


Kindergarten - Georgia O'Keefe Flowers

3rd grade - Faces!!

Love these faces!! We even stood them on the counter next to the window for a while...
3rd grade Faces!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Teacher Workshop - Paper Mache Boot

Thanks to all of you who came out to the teacher workshop at St. Dominic Center. The purpose of the workshop this morning was to share with you the steps that we took in preparing our boot and to get you started in creating a boot which will be specific to your school. It was great to meet you all as we prepare for our NCEA conference in the Spring.

Please do not hesitate to send me an email at should you have any questions while creating your boot. Below you will find the pictures that were presented this morning with a brief description. Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you all again at the conference in April!

May God continue to bless our Catholic Schools!!


How to create a paper mache boot

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

shhh...its a secret!

Available on!!

....but don't tell the kiddos yet - we are going to surprise them at the Awards presentation on Friday! Hope you can join us and share in the excitement!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Book Project update!!!

We're almost there - no release date yet but the books are with the editor! Will let you all know as soon as they are available on for purchase -

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Here is our version of the bottle cap project that is all over the internet :)

Kindergarten and mosiac crosses

Kindergarten worked on mosaic crosses this week. I didn't want to give them a stencil for the crosses because I wanted them to draw their own. So, of course I heard a lot of "I can't do it, my cross doesn't look like a cross"...etc. That's exactly the reaction that I wanted because I then began to explain to them how all of our crosses are different. Sometimes, our crosses may not even look like crosses but they are and most importantly, they belong to us (and we made them our selves or should I say, He gave them to us). 

They probably didn't get the true meaning of my lesson but maybe one day they will....our "crosses" are made specifically for us and they are beautiful because they look like no one else's. For now, I am content that after my explanation they were happy with their little crosses no matter what they looked like....maybe one day they will understand :)

Much Love to you! 

Thank you Mr. Patrick Talley!

Waiting patiently to present our illustrations!

Thank you Mr. Talley for the opportunity to work with you on this project! - 
the students and staff of St. Martha Catholic School

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mr. Patrick Talley will be returning to St. Martha tomorrow, Thursday March 22, to meet with the students who will be presenting their illustrations to him!! Fourth and Fifth grade parents are welcome to join us in the Borski room at 9:30am. Hope to see you there!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My little artists are amazing!!...3rd grade line drawings/warm and cool colors..

I found this image online - I think it's from Anthropologie....(love that store) and I knew my kiddos could draw it. I was totally impressed by the amount of time, effort and focus they put into this project. Below is  a link to my web albums  - unfortunately I didn't separate them by classes so both classes are's just a few -