Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Halloween?????

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not big on Halloween. Now don't get me wrong, my family does all the trick or treating on that often hot night here in our part of the world but I like to focus more on All Saint's Day and this year Dia de los Muertos (more on that in another post). Anyhow, here goes my Halloween story. I thought it was so cute - I just had to post it!
A few weeks ago, when we were finishing up our self portraits, one of my precious little 1st graders comes to me and says, "Mrs. Payne, I'm done with mine." As she hands it to me, I noticed that her picture didn't have any hair on the top of her head. So I ask her to take it back to her desk to add a bit more hair. She looks at me a bit confused but she does just as I ask and returns to her seat. As she sits there a few minutes she begins to cut tiny strips of brown paper. After a while she returns to me with her picture in her hand. She hands it to me and says, "Mrs. Payne, my momma says that when I pull my hair back like this my FANGS go away. So I don't want to add anymore FANGS." I smile and say, "thats okay you don't have to add anymore BANGS if you don't want too" trying to emphasize the word BANGS. Then very innocently, she says, "it's FANGS Mrs. Payne". "Okay sweetie", I say, "it's FANGS".
Sorry, I couldnt do it. I know I probably should have corrected her again but she was so sweet and so innocent that I just couldn't do it. One day she'll know - maybe today, maybe tomorrow - maybe when mom reads this post but that day I just couldn't. It just made me smile!
Have wonderful weekend!!
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