Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Recycled Nutcrackers...Turkeys

So yesterday, on my day off, I get a text from my daughter...."Mom, I need 3 yards of fabric for tomorrow! Please, go to the fabric store!!" These texts have become very common these days so I just do as she asks and go to the fabric store, besides it is one of my favorite places next to Lowes, Hobby Lobby, etc. :) Standing in line, I see under the counter stacks of the cardboard that the fabric is wrapped around. I tell myself, "dont ask!" (since my husband has already threatened to kick all of my recylables out of the garage!!) but I cant help myself and ask...."what do y'all do with those??" So....I end up walking out of the store with a cart load of cardboard. :) I didnt see cardboard under the counter, I saw nutcrackers stacked on top of each other!! I guess they could be turkeys too....I just hope we finish our Rodeo Art before we can get to our Nutcrackers, otherwise, they sit in the garage until next Christmas!!...uh oh, I might be in trouble then.

Have a Blessed day!! Go spread His Love!!!

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