Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kindergarten and mosiac crosses

Kindergarten worked on mosaic crosses this week. I didn't want to give them a stencil for the crosses because I wanted them to draw their own. So, of course I heard a lot of "I can't do it, my cross doesn't look like a cross"...etc. That's exactly the reaction that I wanted because I then began to explain to them how all of our crosses are different. Sometimes, our crosses may not even look like crosses but they are and most importantly, they belong to us (and we made them our selves or should I say, He gave them to us). 

They probably didn't get the true meaning of my lesson but maybe one day they will....our "crosses" are made specifically for us and they are beautiful because they look like no one else's. For now, I am content that after my explanation they were happy with their little crosses no matter what they looked like....maybe one day they will understand :)

Much Love to you! 

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