Friday, December 3, 2010

Please wash your hands!!!!!!....

Wow - what a week!!....this is my first day back since before the Thanksgiving break! I had a wonderful Thanksgiving break - Familytime, Via Colori, etc...then two days before I was to return back it hit me... upper respiratory infection, ear infection, etc. ugh! Ive been down ever since. Please, please, please...wash those hands - this stuff was bad. Went to the doctor immediately but still the cough will not go away :(

Anyhow, still working Rodeo Art around here. These kiddos work so hard on this every year! Can't wait to show you - I will be posting pictures as soon as the winners are selected. Also, I have pictures of Via Colori in downtown Houston the weekend before Thanksgiving. We have some pretty amazing talent here in Houston!! I love that festival! I will try to get them up this weekend -

Have a great weekend and dont foget to wash those hands!

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