Friday, December 3, 2010

"What did you see Jesus??"

Today, feeling the way I have for the last couple of days, I knew I would have to adjust my lesson plans for my kindergarteners a bit since it hurt just to talk. So after prayer, I asked them to sit down quietly, put their heads down and in a soft voice I began to speak to them about Jesus and the Nativity. I talked for a bit then I told them that they were to close their eyes and ask Jesus what he saw when he was laying there in the manager. What did you see Jesus? What colors did you see? What did your mommy look like? What did St. Joseph look like? Were there animals there? could have heard a pin drop. Normally, my little ones are very vocal as they sit there working on their projects but today it was they began their drawings you would have thought that I was sitting in class alone. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. What a blessing this was today (after such a long week) - confirming to me the reason why I teach at St. Martha Catholic School! Enjoy!!

"It was raining that night...."

"He could only see his mommy.."

"There were angels and animals there.."

"He could only see the stars in the sky..."
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